Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I'm gonna be honest I used to really like Kevin Smith alot. Like I loved those movies. Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma. Those are among his best and the main reason I like him. If this was the first movie I had seen by Kevin Smith I probably would never have seen any of the other films.
This film is awful. You can watch the original Clerks and laugh at the un politcally correct humor and it's small budget charm. This film has none of that. It trys to do humor but fails on all fronts everything like pillow pants and the lord of the rings rant doesn't work.
The whole film feels like a script that was barely thought over and made to quickly.
The characters are shadows of there former selves. Randall is alot tamer and alot less funny. Dante as well is barely what he used to be. Jay and silent bob and both barely in the film and the whole jay has his nuts tucked back isn't funny it's just stupid.
Rosario Dawson also is miscast ands everything she says sounds forced and unintresting. It's obvious she was put in the film to have a star.
The worst part of the film isn't a joke or an actor it's a musical sequence. It starts off with Rosario Dawson dancing on the roof wiht Dante to Jackson 5's abc then has a huge group of dancers and jay and silent bob in pig tales. WHAT THE FUCK.
Why make the film this way and why does anyone like it it's unintresting and unfunny. I saw part of Jersey Girl and they were more intresting then this pile of shit.
Kevin Smith needs to make a good movie and it's been 7 years since Dogma. I actually think he could have made a good Green Hornet the daredevil issues he wrote were excellent but the spiderman black cat thing sucked.But really why did you turn that down to do this. I guess fincially this is doing very well and You can see that Kevin Smith has grown as a film maker and editor but defently devolved as a story teller.
I will admit I feel asleep during this movie only to wake up and it was regratably still going.
This is an awful movie do not see it. It sucks. It's defently on my worst films of the year list. In Fact it may be one of the worst films I have seen all year. FUCK YOU KEVIN SMITH for making such an awful movie.


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