Tuesday, November 25, 2008

weekend box office report

Normally I don't do this but because it was like a kinda crazy weekend with the movies i would write a thing on it.

The big news is Twilight that made like 70 million this weekend. Mostly do to the fact Harry Potter got pushed back til the summer. And this was going to be harrys weekend. with that gone twilight could come and scoop up all the teenagers.
Thats all great except that teen movies don't ever do great during the holidays almost guarteening that it will fall like 60% thanksgiving weekend.
Also the movie as a bunch of things wrong with it.
First whats with the whole vampire rameo and juliet thing. Like how many times can the kinda good vampire fall for the lonely white chick from a suburbain neighborhood.
Then of course she has a red haired friend whos kinda a witch and the girl is predestined to be the slayer to end all vampires or something.
Then if this vampire dude is like 90 or something why try and bone a high school chick. you know that hes gonna be really unimpressed when does do her cause she's like 15 and probably not good at boning highly experience vampires.
Also i hope the kids who like this twilight thing realize when they're 25 they'll be embarressed of this vampire thing just like i am of mine. but either way Joss Whedon loses.

Then there's bolt. oh man did that thing sank. holy shit. seriously. it made just a little bit more then meet the robinsons (disneys last movie) and that came out in march. it's right before a holiday weekend and they can't perform. maybe it's cause disney and has thrown so much shit at us we don't even care anymore. actually that is why we don't care.
anyway yeah so chicken little which came out in november by disney made like 40 mil verus bolt'2 26 mil. It does however have the luxury of having thanksgiving. so it might make like 23 mil next but most likely it'll be like 18 mil and bolt will barley break 100 mil. if it does at all.
Really I'm glad Bolt bombed cause I'm sick of people making a big deal about these craptastic disney movies. seriously they are craptastic. They blow and in the future they will still blow. so nobody cares. please disney make a good movie or something.


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