Sunday, July 23, 2006


I have never listened to a whole funkadelic album before. In fact I think I've only heard like two of there songs. But I always wanted to.
Frankly it doesn't matter this is a great album. George Clinton may look like he's some werid wacked out guy but he knows how to make a good record and the arrangements are amazing. There big productions too not just some simple guy playing bass there's a huge chrous and then a guy singing and then a guy with a deep voice singing. It's nuts in fact it may be the best stoner funk album ever made.
Ever wonder where Andree 3000 got all the werid guitar solo and strange stuff all from p-funk. This record is both influentical and amazing. it's odd and funkie at the same time. I think it does get a little tiresome but I'm assuming you have to get high well listening to it or something. I'm sure it's really good then.
But basically if you havn't heard this you should cause it's good. not amazing or the best ever but worth checking out and chillin with for an afternoon


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