Friday, July 21, 2006

Steely Dan says that dupree was there idea

this is odd but may actually be true apprently on Steely dan's 2000 album they have a song called Cousin Dupree which is about a slacker kind of guy. humm maybe so they wrote on there website a letter to Luke Wilson cause they think there clevar and thought Luke was the older borther even though Owen is exactly older. they note it later cause I guess they didn't go to imdb before they just assumed. anyway here's what they said

"spaced out little bro is generating some major harsh-ass karma for himself"

"join Steely Dan onstage and tell the audience and the band and the crew that he made a bad mistake and that he's sorry."

Steely Dan did post this before the movie came out but unforently since nobody really likes them that much anymore nobody realised it til now


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