Thursday, August 17, 2006


When this internet fad started it was hillarious and everyone allready knew the catch phrase There are motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane. Everyone talked about funny sequal ideas and everyone talked about seeing it. Now that it's hear does it live up to the hype? Well yeah it does but just enough. Not enough to become a really funny bad movie but enough to statisfy real die hard fans.
But for the rest of us this is just something that sounded alot better as a joke then a movie. Samuel L. Jackson does say the line but the rest of the jokes are lame and not that great.
But what is worth it are the snake attacks. When the snakes get introduced that is so fucking awesome. All your snake bitting people in a plane dreams are realised here. They start by attacking a couple fucking in the bathroom and smoking pot and then come in and attack them classic really. Then they attack everyone on the plane and all sorts of snakes. You have snakes all over the fucking place doing what you want them to.
There is also a huge fucking pthyon that is coo too. But everything else is lame. I mean the action is coo and the snakes are coo but all the bad movie stuff doesn't work that well. It kinda works but it's not anything to go home about. The action is totally in such a way that you could see your self renting this and watching it with your buddies at sleepover when you were like 13. If you walk in wanting to see that and drink alot of soda and eat alot of bad food then this movie is for you. But not in the theaters on dvd. That's when to see the movie with a bunch of friends drinking tons of soda and talking about other things over the movie. then it's perfect and can take it's seat next to evil dead. Evil Dead is better and all but this would be a fun party movie.
So if your doing that go rent it cause it really would be perfect.


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