Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sam Jackson wants to be Nick Fury

Here's what he said on

I see [Marvel movie producer] Avi Arad a lot, because we live in the same neighborhood," Jackson said. "I express my interest in [working with him]. I always wanted to be Iron Man, because he was always like the rich dude who created this whole thing." He's not really kept as a superhero, he just creates stuff to make himself a superhero as a rich guy." Although an "Iron Man" film is on Marvel's fast-track, Jackson is doubtful that he'd ever be asked to play Tony Stark. The actor is, however, hopeful that Arad will listen to his pleas regarding another veteran Marvel hero with a film in development who was recently given a comic-book makeover to resemble none other than ... Samuel L. Jackson! "Nick Fury would be great," Jackson said of the hard-boiled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. "I've been reading Nick Fury since when I was a kid. I collect comics. ... I'm kind of geeky."

Andrew Marlowe is writting the film his other films include Air Force One," "Hollow Man," "End of Days.And Paramount will release it

But comes on no body's better as Nick Fury then this guy

yeah remember when fox has the rights and they made the tv movie. Well if you don't fox movie channel stil airs it alot.


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