Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bruno Kirby is dead

ok i could have been nicer about that but anyway Bruno Kirby died Monday of complications related to leukemia. This is really sad. I'm not sure if anyone at first knows who he is and really he wasn't the biggest star in the world but he did have stuff you would remember. First off he was in Godfather Part 2 as Young Clemenza. But the one I think most kids who grew up in the 90's remember him for was City Slickers. Yeah he was Billy Crystals friend in City Slickers and he was smart enought not to come back for City Slickers 2. Real smart in fact Crystal should have done that too. Anyway He was also Crystals friend in When Harry met Sally. He has a pretty good career and his last job was on an episode of this season of Entourage where he played a film producer that is producing the pablo escabar movie and also produced the shrek films. It was a ok episode and the whole time I was woundering were I knew him from. I don't know he was an amazing actor but he was really loveable with his moustache and everything. I really wish he had gotten more work cause he seems like a really nice guy.
Also if you look through his filmography most of the stuff he worked on was by several of the same directors or the production companies they own. For example he was in Barry Levinson's Tin men then Good Morning Vietnam. and then an episode of Homicide. That goes to show you he was a coo guy and it's sad that he's gone


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