Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody hates chris season one on dvd Oct. 10th

yeah that's the packaging

this dvd set comes out the same week as Wonder Showzen season 2 and Ed, Ed, and Eddy season one.

I really want this dvd cause I know this show has one more season. The cw moved it to 7pm on Sundays ouch ouch. Also the show got no emmy nominations despite a really good campaign to try and get some including sending all the emmy voters season one on dvd before it finished airing on tv.
I think this show is a really good show and most people havn't watched it but I havn't not liked a single episode. It really is a modern wonder years just more funny and alot more funny. If a good network had this show they would push it like crazy.
I wish the rumors it was moving to cbs had been true it's a shame this show is gonna end soon.

But seriously buy the dvd help them out


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