Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Today show fucked up bad

so I don't really do the celeb gossip thing here but this is intresting.

A week ago the today show started there show by going with the story that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughon were engaged. They got this story from the most trustworthy news source us weekly. Now your probably ok so.

well here's where it gets intresting. ok so the guy manages both Aniston and Vaughon and alot of other people that you have defently heard of said that none of his clients will be on the Today show anymore. So they will go to Good morning america. which is The Today show rival.

How does this impact you well something like this will scare news people from doing celebrity gossip because they don't want to risk them not going on there show.

But also the today show is in a transitional stage with Katie Couric gone and Meredith vera not there yet. this could really hurt the show. But this is typical nbc when they go down they go down hard. Remember when they lost friends and no one watched there prime time anymore. Well I guess the same will happen to the daytime too. ok ok maybe not completely but this will hurt them over time.


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