Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

Jim here, Every week I have my friend Kool-Aid write a post or a weekly rant this is this weeks

Weekly rant number 5 sucka’s

Things that piss me off:

1007 the bay- they keep talking about how their commercials are only 4 minuets or less. But they have them every 3 songs. AND 2 SONGS DOES NOT EQUAL A BLOCK, DON’T PROMISE A BLOCK OF JETHROTULL AND ONLY PLAY AQUALUNG AND LOCOMOTIVE BREATH!!!!

The kids in my neighborhood that think their “thug” YOU LIVE IN THE SUBURBS THERE IS NOTHING THUG ABOUT YOU!

Flakes- quit being so damn flaky

Remade movies- they were fine the first time, your not making them better. There was a time when actors could actually act. Now movie companies take good movies and cut out the talent and remake them with the slut/brain dead moron of the week. Yes I said slut. Cause if you look at it the more sluty (this goes for dudes as well) or drunken anorexic or fucked up on coke/heroin someone is the more of a role model for kids they are. Being a rich party douche does not make you a good actor. Every time they remake a good movie and ruin the plot some one should have a showing of the original. Its time to start calling people on their lack of talent.

Movies ruined in the past few years:

The Poseidon adventure

Flight of the phoenix


Planet of the apes

The parent trap

Yours mine and ours

The hills have eyes

The wicker man

Texas chainsaw massacre

They try to say, oh its not a remake it’s a “retelling” fuck you! Just cause you can’t think of a decent script doesn’t mean you have to ruin others.

People that think my rants should have more structure- fuck you, I’ll fuck yo’ papa up the butt, picture it!! I’ll do it unstructured to what ever the hell that means.

Curmudgeons- cool word, fun to say, but I hate curmudgeons they totally suck.

And again vote KooL-AiD in 2006 www.koolaidforgovernor.tk


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