Monday, August 14, 2006

Next Aronofsky film, version of Black Flies

Black Files is a book about a man who becomes an emergency medical technician in Harlem as a temporary stop before he enters medical school. While there, he experiences a range of crises and stressful misadventures while under the eye of a mentor who has been numbed to the point that he makes a wrong decision in a life-or-death situation.

Todd Kessler has been hired to write the script by paramount pictures. He's a producer for the sopranos.

Darren Aronofskyis directing it and no suprise he is a new york city native and I think this might be a good film for him but who knows when it will come out. How long ago was Requim and the fountain isn't out yet but let's blame brad pitt for that maybe hopeflly this will be out in the next 4 years


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