Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday estimates and Step up is doing real well

Believe it or not Step up was number one yesterday with 8,515,000. It beat everybody. I'm guessing the marketing campiagn did work and very very well. I'm kinda suprised I did think it would do well but not this well. I guess we'll see if it keeps it up saturday cause if it does it will make around 24 over all. Which is like fucking crazy

TALLADEGA NIGHTS continues to do well at number two and made only one million less then step up. This will end with maybe 21

World trade center was 3 not shocking cause it doesn't look that intresting and I doubt it will do well next weekend. it did make $5,935,000 nothing great but good

Pulse did 3,395,000 which would have it end with like 12 million not great but about expectations

then there was zoom it enter at 7 with 1.5. Ouch maybe cause Disney shouldn't put out two movies that are actually alike a year after one another.


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