Friday, August 11, 2006

New Movies Day

This weekend is odd cause it will actually probably be a big weekend and it's august which never happens but this year looks to be different. anyway

I think Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby will be number one again with alot. Not sure how much but probably like20 or something

World Trade Center I think will come in at number 2 and could make come in at number 1. Honestly I'm not sure but anyway were from 18 to 30. It has all ready made over 4 million but still is playing second fiddle to Ricky Bobby. Also it's kind of a diffcult subject matter so I'm not sure how it will do.

Zoom well there's only one thing I can say about Zoom yeah I saw it last summer and it was called Sky High. I'm sure I'm not the first to think it. Sky High was fun but this looks dumb. Alot of people think this will do well but I think it will bomb at like in 6th or 9th place

Step Up has a great marketing campaign and has really made it so teenagers will have to see it. This could end up in th top five and maybe even do 20 but most likely like 12

Pulse was supposed to be a huge hit but that looks unlikely I think Step up will steal all it's thunder from the kids. It will make like 8 million.

Also this is a new thing I'll write down movies in theaters which are worth seeing.

Little Miss Sunshine - Defently the best comedy I've seen this year and people are freaking out about it. It's good cause it's defently a film that is worth it's hype best movie in theaters right now

Nacho Libre - a funny comedy very odd and I know some people hated but I thought it was funny

A Scanner Darkly - I havn't seen it but I heard it was good

A Prairie Home Companion - Not a perfect film but the good parts are good enough to forget about the rest

The Break-Up - you might be shocked but it's way better then it should be. If old School and La Notte had a baby it would be this movie

Superman Returns - All though not a great movie it is good and all the actors work really well like Kevin Spacey and espically Brendon Roth as superman. In fact he may be the best thing about it

The Devil Wears Prada - good comedy the best thing is defently Meryl Streep. Who does an amazing job but all in all it's a good film.

Miami Vice - a slow paced action movie that is exactly like the original show.


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