Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paul Simonon of the clash and Danger Mouse are in Damon Albarn's new band

yes that's right Paul Simonon bass player for the clash is working on a new group and Danger Mouse is producing it. As far as right now that's all I know oh yeah and that Blur frontman DAMON ALBARN is in it as well.

Also involved former Verve and Blur guitarist Simon Tong and Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen. Damon Albarn has said he's been working on this for the last two years.

Apprently the album there working on is called The Good, the Bad and the Queen, a concept album that will be out in January about life in London.

Sounds coo as all hell. This will ether be really good or won't work at all I'm hoping it will work. Paul Simonon hasn't done much after the clash and this is a great way to have cultral releavance again.
I also think it's coo Danger Mouse will do werid stuff like this I'm not sure if he likes doing it for just one album or not but they usually work so this will be coo.
I hope this is as amazing as it sounds cause if it is then it will be as good as everything else Danger Mouse has done recently and Damon Albarn man this is gonna be good.


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