Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I kinda heard this at work and then decided to listen to again. To say I love this album. Oh well fuck it I do love this album infact it may be one of the first albums I really did love. I remembering buying it after christmas with Smashing Pumpkins mellon collie when I was 13. yeah pretty coo two albums to get huh.
I listen to Odelay so many times the last track doesn't play right. I can tell you times I listened to it like when I had a snow day and after a day of sleding with my friends. Which was I think more like 2 hours and we only had one seld so not too much selding. Anyway it was so cold our hair froze and we let it melt while listening to odelay and even waited for the little werid music at the end.
So I guess in otherwards I do have an emotional attachment to this album.
Listening to it now I releaised to two things. One the music is so all over the place and so much of it comes out of nowhere it makes my head spin. At the time I knew it was werid but now I appreicate it more. I can't imagine a 13 year old listening to this. The songs are really well structure but almost feel like there not like there so odd they shouldn't be but are at the same time. Which brings me to my second thing. The drums on this album are fucking tight as all hell. I know they used a drum machine. I'm saying the drums really make alot of the songs the drum beats are amzing and well timed. I'm not talking about John Bonham drumming simple dance to the beat stuff and it's pulled off really well.
I think Beck is a really good artist and I don't know if he ever followed this album up in my mind he didn't all thought I guess alot of people think that Guero did and it was really good but it didn't follow it up. But who's to say he even has to. Alot of bands don't and stay good and I think Beck has done that. and very well to might I add


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