Wednesday, August 09, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

Jim here Every week I let my friend Kool-Aid write a rant about anything he wants this is what he wrote about this week.

This weeks rant:

By: Kool-Aid

So as I said last week Jim was with me in the hospital. We were watching TV and wrestling was on. WWE. It seems the new bad guys are Mexican, they come in riding “Juan” dear tractors talking about how they are gona take our “yobs”. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! WWE taking racist stereo types to new heights of absurdity. They got a guy who pretends to be mentally handicapped as well. I wonder when their gona have the “money taking Jew” or the “watermelon eating African”? this is completely redUNKulous. I remember when I was young they had the Nikalie something or another. It seams racism/“patriotism” and wrestling go hand in hand.

While I’m on this subject I caught a few episodes of Hogan knows best. Wow he’s a shity father, but that’s not the point I want to make. On the show he was threatening dudes who were hitting on his ugly ass alien faced daughter. I don’t know why dudes are so afraid of the Hulkster. In his old age I’m sure he can be easily beaten. Also if he does beat you up, worst comes to worst you can sue him and take his shit. I grew up thinking the Hulk can do no wrong, but I have a feeling his daughter is gona be a crack whore by the end of 2007. it’ll probably make her music better though. Until next week, vote for KooL-AiD 06!!


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Kool-Aid in 2006!!

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