Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The BEST MOVIE of the YEAR so far is now on DVD

I havn't seen a better movie then this so far this year. It's very influenced by film noir and know the genre. You can tell the director studied up and watched all the film noir he could. Plus doesn't dissappoint. This film knows what it is so bad it hurts. Joseph Gordon Levitt is really perfect to play this role.
Also the comedy is amazing. The scene with the prinicpal is hillarious. I'm not gonna talk about the plot anymore but I will say just rent it. It's worth it and better then everything in the theaters currently. So I'd say just rent it.
If you have seen this all ready this dvd has commentary and deleated scenes it should be worth picking up.

Point is if you havn't seen go to blockbuster or whereever you get your movies an rent it

If you want to know more watch the trailer here

It's really good


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