Monday, August 07, 2006

i saw a semi celebrity

one of the good things about living in new york is you see kinda famous people sometimes. Yesterday while I was at work. (not telling you were) Loretta Devine came to the counter. At first I thought do I know her or something like from o job or something but then my co worker said hey it's that lady from boston legal
She was also in Crash and guest starred on Everybody hates chris


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really recognizing celebs, I know how that happens. I was working a late shift at my old hotel and Peppa from Salt n' Peppa had checked in and had been involved in some late night drama in the hotel lobby. While I was relaying the evening's events to the AM front desk manager, I had mentioned that "It's the girl over there, the one that looks like Peppa." "That is Peppa" was her response. Duh


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