Thursday, August 03, 2006

KOOL AID POST: Your weekly rant

Everyweek I let me friend Kool-Aid write a weekly rant and this is this weeks

Rant of the week

By KooL-AiD

So this week Jim and I were talking about what I should write. Last week I had a cardiocath done and we decided I should write about my experience.

So lately I’ve been having what I thought was heart trouble. I was even in the e.r. cause I thought I was having a heart attack, Jim was there, he hung out with me but that’s another story.

I had a stress test done and it determined that I had a blocked artery although they were skeptical the test was right. Regardless they had me go get a cardiocath done. This is were they stick a tube into an artery in your groin and feed it into your heart, if they find a blockage they fix it. Thank the lord I did not have a blockage.

They were supposed to put me into a twilight state with drugs. They did not. Every time I asked for more Novocain I got non. Before it began they turned on there mix tape, the first two songs played were carry on my wayward son and free bird. WTF!!! That’s kind of ominous don’t ya think? The experience was painful as 8 bitches on a bitch boat but the recovery is equally as annoying. To close the artery they plug it up. Guidelines after having this done a.k.a. rules to live by for one to two weeks after:

No orgasms- having one may result in the plug coming out and you bleeding to death.

No lifting anything 10 lbs or heavier- this may result in the plug coming out and you bleeding to death.

No playing the drums (this is something that effects me as I play 3 hours a day)- may result in the plug coming out and you bleeding to death.

Do not get it wet- an infection might settle in and you can get sepsis and die.

Do drink a shit ton of water the next 2 days- if you don’t the dye they use will destroy your kidneys.

Of course they were so busy telling me all the way’s I can die during the procedure they neglected to tell me any of this till afterwards.

I will take here to remind people that the race for a governor of Maryland is on and I am running. We don’t have a website built yet…..mike?! so here is the myspace group. You can read what my platform is and what not


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe the mix tape, Kool-Aid. That needs to be filled in on a comment card/suggestion slip. "Surgery Room Procedure: Do not play songs that have lyrics of 'There'll be peace when you are gone. Lay your weary head to rest'"

Seriously, that's really f***ing sick!!

Yo' Crackhead Sista (Taymar)

10:15 AM


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