Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Paul Dano in new Paul Thomas Anderson project

Paul Dano has signed on for Paul Thomas Anderson's new film THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Which ether a really coo title or another sequal to saw. Regardless I'm sure everyone's exicited for this because Paul Thomas Anderson hasn't done anything since Punch Drunk Love which was 4 years ago. He did recently assistant direct Pirarie Home Compainion but really this is his firs thing in a while

Paul Dano had the starring role in L.I.E. and was in the Girl next door as clits and is in probably the best comedy of the year Little Miss Sunshine and will have a voice in the upcoming where the wild things are. I really like him and I think this is a coo choice. He apprently is playing charismatic young preacher who captivates church-goers. It's a film about an Oil Tycoon and Daniel Day-Lewis is going to be in it too. I have no clue what the film will end up being about it sounds intresting as hell.
Plus the title is coo even though everyone is gonna thing of saw when they hear it


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