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If your like the fuck you doing writting a review for a film that's in it's fourth week . Well I wanted to wait to see this with my friend Russ in Ocean City like I did with the first one. I wanted to see it at the carmichael theater but the other theater in Ocean City. Yeah there is only two got it Car Mike choose Superman The other theater choose this. Ouch well Car mike has 8 screens so I guess they probably win over all anyway.
When I bought my tickets for this I saw the length and remembered it's 2 and half fucking hours long. I felt like it was a bad idea. Then I remembered seeing the first one thinking that it would suck and hearing most of the industry saying a pirate movie remember Cutthroat Island. Then I came out exicited and happy I think it was as fun as Indiana Jones.
Then they made the sequal. To be honest it's not a bad movie but I wouldn't see it again. The acting is good the shoots directing and all that but 2 and a half fucking hours long. what the fuck.
The character development is pretty nonexistant. I know you say it's a sequal you don't need it. huh Funny thing is before I saw this film I watched Spier-man 2 which has that really great seen in the begining where Spider-man has to deliever pizza it's all character development and it totally works. You need that in a sequal even Harry Potter uses it and nothings bigger then that. YOu can't just assume they know. that's what this movie does.
Then for some reason they decided instead of making a fun action movie like the original they make it to fucking lord of the rings or star wars. Ok I guess that sounds like a good idea maybe but they don't pull it off. every scene is just we need to get this so we can do this and get key to get this but wait if we do this. If that wasn't fun to read this movie isn't going to be fun for you.
There is some good things the actors they use are coo I like seeing Jack Davenport back. Also Mackenize Cook and Bill Nighy in such a big movie. But I wish it was good. I really don't know why people love this thing. It's probably ok over all but it's not good and defently not great. I would say the first one was but not this.
You can feed me the empire shit. That empire was werider like this but Empire was good and this sucked.
Also the end were Caprtain Jack fights an octapus looked dumb as all hell.
I will not see the third one unless tbs picks it up cause this was to long and not intresting. I didn't care what happened at all. I did in the first one. Maybe you can live off the fumes of the first to like this film but I except a film to be able to stand on it's own and not be some sort of a compainion piece.


Blogger Ian J. said...

I didn't find this movie too dissimilar from the first one. Theyr're both just big setpieces and silly looking action sequences with a lack of decent story/development.

The difference in this film from the first is that it's been kicked into "franchise" mode, so they forgot to show us any character motivations, instead just assuming that we're already familiar with it. All in all, I found it a wholly empty experience, but with a few cute fight scenes.

Personally I don't really like prates but I enjoyed the Krakken but that's just because I'm a big fan of cryptozoological creatures.

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