Thursday, August 03, 2006

REVIEW:PHARRELL-IN MY MIND is good in my mind

ok I will admit I'm not good at writing witty headlines for every single thing.
Anyway I was a bit wirry of this album espically when it was delayed and delayed. But I do like Pharrell and I like NERD. So I figured it was worth checking out.
All I had really heard before was Can I have it like that and the song with Kanye breafily.
Well it's alot better then those two song let one. Pharrell is defently into 80's rnb and hip hop production I would say more so R n B. Which isn't the best time for R n B to be honest in fact most people clam it was why hip hop happened and was so intense. I do agree but Pharrell doesn't care. He made an album that is basically all about that.
It's an odd album not odd enough for your average listener to get in to but to really like it you must at least like Flash fm in vice city.
You can hear it through out the whole album the big crazy synth chrous's and everything. The best song is something prince would have made in the early 80's it's called Young Girl. Pharrell screams like Prince so well Prince might ask for royalities or be jealous cause it's the best prince song I've heard in a while and better then Prince's last two albums.
Young girl also features a awesome rhyme by Jay-z who is getting alot better at the guest thing recently with this and the beyonce song. i didn't much like him on the kanye and big boi albums but his flow is great on this.
Young girl shares the track 9 slot. I'm serious with another great song I really like you which is also good. It's kinda of annoying that there both together but if you have audio editing software you can probably seperate them.
There other really awesome song and I think this is a good album. In fact I would as far to say that it's better then the last NERD album in fact better then any of the NERD albums. This album isn't perfect but it is good and worth listening to if you like Pharrell and 80's R n B you'll like it.
It does have flaws one being how many fucking times can you say yizzzir and skate boy peep. Well the later wasn't as bad but yizzir is annoying stop that and you can do it slows the whole album done. It's a good song but doesn't fit on the album.
This is great or amazing but it is good so check it out


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