Monday, August 07, 2006

Death from above 1979 break up is for real they are over

This was posted on there website by Bassist/keyboardist Jesse Keeler

"I'm sure most of you assume the band isn't happening anymore, since there are no shows, no work on a new album, etc. I wanted to let you know that your assumptions are correct. We decided to stop doing the band." He says that he and drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger actually decided to split about a year ago, but they decided to tour for a slot opening for Nine Inch Nails and the Queens of the Stone Age — and then break up. "We started as a punk band with pop aspirations and we met every goal we set for ourselves," Keeler wrote. "A few weeks ago, the album finally went gold in Canada and that was the final mark I really wanted to reach."

Holy fuck does this suck balls. I actually got really into them again recently. Oooo fuck this sucks fuck fuck fuck. Why do indie bands always do this shit fucking shit. dam it.


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