Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Then we saw a statue of ash for the new pokemon straight to dvd release and got our pictures taken

click on pictures to see larger
and the guy who took most of the pictures Ian Jones-Quatrey
And that's me Jim Gisriel

Then there was a guest celebrity to commentate on the pokemon national compation

yeah that's right hulk hogan

They had him comentate about the pokemon battles happening on this huge screen on a stage and they also had like this werid doctor guy and another girl you can see in the pictures trying to rev the crowd up.

All Hulk really said was like I would give him a body slame a couple of times. It was werid casue why was hulk there you know. Does he like pokemon was he in town or something. Like I don't really understand it. Maybe he was in town or something. Also unforently they didn't have a guy in a pikachu suit walking around I really wanted to get a picture with him but he wasn't there.
There were huge lines for this booth were you could download a special pokemon to ur game for free and also special merch. It was werid that it's still that big but also really bizarre. I thought pokemon was over but I guess not.
It was really werid but totally worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was Hulk there??

8:13 AM

Blogger Jim Gisriel said...

I don't know I really don't it makes no sense at all they just had him there. I was woundering a connection the whole time I was there too

3:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the show any footage from the pokemon anime?

2:29 AM


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