Tuesday, August 08, 2006

REVIEW: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE best comedy i've seen this year

I'm not really into talking about the plot of the film cause I'd much rather the film do that for you and all you really need to know is the general plot. Which is that a little girl gets into the little miss sunshine pagent and her family goes on a road trip to get her there. Stuff happens on the way there believe you me. But really what makes it work is the cast.
The new comer is Abigail Breslin who plays olive in the film. She is pitch perfect she has just the right amount of innocence and ethusiasm. There's a scene were Steve Carrell tells the family about how he fell in love with his student who is a boy and her response is price less. She always has amazing timing and you also feel sad for her in any scene when she feels insacure.
The other cast memebers man basically everyone is cast perfectly has alot of chemistry. Toni collette plays the mom perfectly. She shins in the role which I guess would be her first mom role since the sixth sense. Greg Kinnear does a perfect self obessed dad. Steve Carrell probably does the darkest role he's ever done and more then makes up for the american office playing a gay school teacher. Alan Arkin plays a great father and Paul Dano is wounderful as there son who has given up speaking.
This is the best ensamble cast I've seen in a movie in a while. They feed off each other so well. Which really leads itself to the comedy. The scene i mention earlier where The dad tells olive that ice cream will make you fat and none of the beauty contest girls are fat. She decides not to eat the ice cream when it comes. Then the rest of the family starts eating it and telling her how good it is. They play it off almost like it's not acting but there just a family doing this in a dinner on the road.
This film was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris who previous has directed the smashing pumpkins video for 1979 and tonight tonight as well as Korn's freak on a leash and the Red hot chilli peppers Otherside. I've been a fan of there's since 1979 and I think this film shows there strengths. In 1979 we just follow a bunch of kids driving around and it felt very natural and real. This film even though it is a comedy and has ridcoulous parts does feel very real and so beilaveable that you feel like you know the characters by the end you have a real connection with them. By the end your really rooting for them and hoping it works out despite how screwed up they all are.
I really can't think of anything better then this in theaters right now and hopefully that will work to this film advantage and it will make tons of money it really deserves it. It's an amazing film and funny as shit. I saw it on a weekday and it was packed afterwards everyone loved and was tlaking about it like crazy. That's the kinda movie this is and it won't dissappoint. If you wanna see a movie like that see this one.


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