Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well we've been waiting a while but it's here the diretor of halo movie at Universal and 20th Century Fox with Peter Jackson executive producing.

and the director is Neill Blomkamp. Now if your like me your going who the fuck is that. Well forently you can find out.
he's made several commericals and two shorts you can find online TempBot on Transbuddha and Alive in Joburg. Tempbot is good I guess and kinda funny but not worthy of him getting Halo. Also Linda Carter is in it. But Alive in Joburg is really good and I understand why he was considered.
I am suprised that they didn't get a name director but I guess I understand. Cause if you get a name director it's Ridely Scott's Halo and not just Halo this will make the marketing just about the film itself. I think he has the possiabilty of making a good movie and Peter Jackson did pick him and you know lord of the rings worked out


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