Thursday, August 10, 2006

John C. Reilly gets his own APATOW star vechile

Sony Pictures got the comedy pitch "Walk Hard" which Freaks and Geeks Directors Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan will write and produce as a star vechile for John C. Reilly. The story is about fictional music legend Dewey Cox, whose life becomes as messy as the protagonists in "Ray" and "Walk the Line,"

John C. Reily says this "My character is an amalgamation of a number of classic musician stories, tales of excess, highs and lows and bad behavior"

Apprently Jake Kasdan will direct the film and I'm assuming Appatow will produce.
This is coo cause Apatow is making comedy stars out of everyone he can. First Will Ferrel then Steve Carrell. I guess next will be Seth Rogan and then John C. Reily. I love Appatow and Jake Kasdan did direct some good episodes of freaks and geeks so this will probably be good.
Espically if they keep as much improve as they did in freaks and geeks. This movie will be hillarious


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