Wednesday, August 09, 2006


When most tv shows are made into movies they rarely camputer the writing and style of the show and have even harder time trying to get to update it to a modern setting. Well Miami Vice does this suprisingly very well. Granted the director Michael Mann did producer and was the series runner on the original show. But still it's a really good feet. I understand that it looks nothing like the orignal show but the writing and the music is the same as it ever was. The movie could not be like the original show because if it looked like that now it would be silly. I think the look Michael Mann choose was veyr good and did give it the grittier feel that he wanted.
The writing is the way the show was exactly in fact you could put it next to the show and writing wise there is no difference. Also the way they used the music was the same. Espcially the score by Organized Noize which was very similair to the old show. The show always had this like moody electronic music going on in the background.
I also think the casting was very good and I liekd Colin Ferrel and really liked Jamie Foxx. I think I liked his character more the Collin Farrel but I am more of a tubbs person then a crocket person I guess.
The main thing I think my stray people away from the movie is the pacing. Everyone remembers the show as being mtv cops. Well I actually did watch the show maybe a couple of months pervious and the pacing is pretty slow. Espically for an action type cop show. I think that might bother most people. That doesn't mean it's bad. I actually like it, It's a tottally different feel from any action movie made in the past couple of years. Artistically this film is a success and is ricky as shit. But Michael Mann did make a Miami Vice movie and the best one I think he could. I heard a rumor that Will Smith was gonna play tubbs and stuff. He saved it from that completly.
But if your excepting a action movie with tons of fast paced stuff then this movie isn't for you. If you like movies I think you will like this movie. I actually will say this is the best action movie I have seen all summer. I'm mean just action not like sci-fi well maybe but anyway yeah best action movie this summer. Well until snakes on a plane.


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