Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why is everybody coming out with a new album?

I've heard alot of people wonder why there are so many new albums coming out by big people this month alone. it's Christina then Jessica Simpson, then Beyonce, then Outkast. After that it's Justin Timberlake, the killers,puff daddy, bloc party, tv on the radio, and my checmical romance near halloween cause there spooky. I know theres more and it will be so there is no reason not to buy an album. This is probably really good for the music industry cause they usually don't have this many big artists but it does suck that next year all these big people all ready put out albums.
Your might wonder is there some reason they are all putting out albums. Frankly I doubt I think it just kinda happened.
But here's the good thing. In the fall of 1991 a ton of big artists put out albums Michael Jackson, Guns and Roses, Hammer, U2, and Metallica. But the weekend after christmas one band came out or nowhere and had the number one slot. They were Nirvana. I'm not saying a band as good as Nirvana will come out and do that. But usually that's what happens. So I am exicited to see that happen and I wonder who it will be. But I really do expect it to happen.


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