Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekend Box office estimates

here's the numbers baby

1. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $23M $91.2M
2. Step Up $21.1M $21.1M
3. World Trade Center $19M $26.8M
4. Barnyard $10.1M $34.1M
5. Pulse $8.46M $8.46M
6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $7.21M $392M
7. Zoom $4.6M $4.6M
8. The Descent $4.6M $17.5M
9. Miami Vice $4.5M $55.1M
10. Monster House $3.3M $63.7M

I'm kinda suprised Talladega nights did so well for a second weekend but I guess good word of mouth. Also we should probably take it to account two factors one anchorman did really well on dvd so alot of people who loved that are going to see this. Two Nascar is fucking huge in a magority of the country and this movie is taking advantage of it. so that explains it

Step up certainly did what it's title suggested. orignally I thought 12 well I was way off. then yesterday I said 24 well maybe that was to much. Buy it came out of nowhere to be second. It's marketing was great and it was an amazing word of mouth right now. Except a huge weekend next weekend it's defently possiable. This proves that Disney knows how to do it cause they released this. people say disney is bad but they know how to market a film. In fact there is nobody like them. This movie proves it.

World trade center did well but I doubt will make back it's 65 million budget and the marketing cost. The times we are in right now are fun all the songs on the radio fun and the most talked about films are fun or cliched. But this movie is cliched a little so it might do ok but I doubt it will live up to it's hype.

Pulse did way worse then the Weinsteins said it would. But it did what I said on Friday. Ignore what i said saturday. The marketing could have been better and if the weinsteins did what they did with Scary movie 4. This movie floped here but horror movies but way better overseas so this will make it's money back.

but not as bad as Zoom sucks to be you Zoom. Disney did not do so well cause of this. Odd that a year ago the same studio released a movie that was similair. They could have made Sky high 2 but this may have sounded better on paper actually it was a dumb idea. this is without a doubt a flop. this floped so bad it's a punchline.

Also little miss sunshine is having a great fun and was up by +75.7% and went up in per screen averages as well +95%. Holy fuck is this movie doing well I can't wait til it opens in 600 more theaters next weekend. This movie is really worth all this and thank god it's doing well.


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