Monday, August 14, 2006

Tomorrows big dvd's

tomorrow or well Tuesday has alot of coo dvds coming out and I figured I'd tell you about them

I always thought APOCALYPSE NOW didn't have the best dvds out there. Like a movie like that needs a good dvd that you can be like oh shit thats a good dvd. I think the godfather had it but this film always had shittie ones until they released this. It's called APOCALYPSE NOW: THE COMPLETE DOSSIER. It has both the redux and the original versions. but heres the thing that is coo. There are two discs right. On one disc has the first part of both the original and the redux and the second disc has the second part of both films. So you could like mix and match if you wanted and both version have commentary. fuck yeah. this is the shit you've been waiting for

These are dvds I would like love to have but if they were marked down alot I certainly would. There dumb and all but there is some nostalga to it. Also I havn't seen these cartoons in like 15 years so it would be coo to see what they're like now

this is put out by shout factory who did the amazing freaks and geeks dvds. I havn't watched this show since it aired 10 years ago. Apprently it's not that great but if you like pee-wee then this should be right up your alley.

this is the last dvd I'm writing about. This has the John Waters episode which I really enjoy and I think the one with Johnny Cash in it. The Simpsons was a great show and this is when it was still good. I would defently recommend this set.

Also I releise I'm kinda ripping off Moriarty from Aint it cool news but well maybe not cause I'm just writing about dvds I think people would like to know about. that is were I get the pictures but it ultimatly helps you get the stuff you want.


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