Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NEW BECK ALBUM has alot of songs

15 tracks that is the most since One Foot in the Grave which was put out in 1994. It is produced by Nigel Godrich who produced Beck's Sea Change and Mutations. he also produces this band called radiohead. Mtvnews says this is Godrich's fourth album with beck but I can't think of what the other one is. if you know write it in the comment part.

also the tracks on it will be the following

Elevator Music,
"Think I'm in Love,"
"Cell Phone's Dead,"
"Soldier Jane,"
"Strange Apparition,"
"Dark Star,"
"The Information,"
"New Round"
"Horrible Fanfare/ Landslide/ Exoskeleton."

by the way the album is called The Information and the song that girl will not be on the album.