Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear, Christina

Dear Christina,

I have some unforentante news for you. I now longer like you. I am sure as a person but my celebrity hot slutty girl crush on you has offically ended. I know we've been doing this a while. I remember when this started in early 2000 when the what a girl wants video came out. Sure you could say genie in a bottle but I wasn't really into you then. But remember we hit our tough times like when I turn to you came out yeah that wasn't so good you know. like actually really what were you thinking there that song sucked mad balls. anyway yeah you quickly made up for it with come on over. I think we both remember were we where when that came out. But I'm not going to go on our on again off again thing we've had for the past 6 years. What I am going to say is yeah it is over.
It's not that your doing something different artistically. I actually like that and props on the cover cause I think it is coo you made it look like it was being reissued or something. What did do it is I had to listen to you for like 8 hours at work and I realise now that I have actually listened to your music that you are not very good.
First of all. I don't need to hear you do the whole thing you do in every song. You know the thing. like the singing thing were you ooooooo but with your five active thing. I know that's rare and that's coo but we don't need to hear it on every song. Like give it a rest sometimes.
Also your whole thing about not using timbaland or the neptunes. I know you think your all big but seriously there big for a reason. It's coo you worked with Dj permier but really get a producer that can give you like a catchy song or something cause except for your single you aint got shit.
lastly things havn't been the same since you went blonde again. I know I'm in a minority on this one but really you were hotter. I mean your still hot and all I just liked you more. You could say I only like you for your looks. well ok actually that is true I do only like you for your looks but not anymore.
I'm sorry but after listening to your music it's over you just suck so bad. You can still have gay men and really annoying fans to keep you going and I know this will be hard for you but it has to end. I should have ended it long ago but I waited til this album came out but now that it's been out like a whole day I release fuck this shit.
I will admit that your latest album is the best stuff I've heard from you but that doesn't matter cause let's be honest like that's not saying much. I hear your married now which I guess means we're over. It didn't stop me but I wish you the best there and all. But yeah sorry we are over. But if you ever wanna like not do all the shit that annoys me that would be coo and maybe. MAYBE we'll talk

Sincerly, Jim

If your like the fuck is wrong with you. It's just like I wanted to do a thing were I'd talk about people I used to think were coo but no longer do and I think writing a letter maybe will work let me know


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