Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Best TV of 2007

So i wasn't going to do a top ten for tv but i did. Not sure when the other top tens will come out movies will defently be last but until then you can read this one. I think the music one will be next.
But yeah Tv had a ok year I guess this is just what I thought but what do i know I don't watch any of the CSI shows.

10.) So this isn't the type of show you'd expect but it's a good show. This public television hip-hop video show has been around since the 80's and to most new york rappers it's a bigger personal deal to get on this then MTV. In fact I've heard a alot of rappers thought it was a natinal show. It's a big deal in nyc. I guess really it's odd to put this on here but it made my life a little better in the 07. so figured i'd share it. Normally on at about midnight on saturday way better for you then snl.

9.) I love this show for it's cartoonie style. How even when it is dramatic it's like melodrama and how as fucking crazy as this show can get it still is fun to watch. I don't know why this show has stayed decent. I mean the begining of the first season was the best it's been but it's still fun to watch.

8.) Nevermind the buzzcocks is a game show for england that could care less about points or really winning. Much like every art teacher ever told me. It's not the finished process it was the experience of doing it. That is Nevermind the Buzzcocks. Too funny for american tv. We follow Host Simon Amstell make fun of contributing celebrity guests right in front of them while asking them some quesiton about beyonce the best pop culture show you havn't seen.

7.) So really South Park doesn't need me to put it on here. It's had one of it's best years but it's put out some of it's better episodes. Guitar hero the imagination trilogy. I think this show knows it's audience and does a very good job appealing to them. also the show is still funny and keeps being both bizarre and silly at the same tiem.

6.) I'm sure most people go that's still on. Well it's still good too. All the characters are so well defiend it's crazy. i think I love all the characters. Really even though sometimes we do get a weak episode it balances out with how great everyone is on this show. But a good episode is still great. Does the same thing the wonder years did just not as sentamental.

5.) He started the joke that made the whole world take it way too far. Steven Colbert did a good Orson Wells by getting the country to really take seriously that he was running for president but only in south carolina. Also he was sponsered by Dorittoes. That has been the best thing tv has done. Got the whole country talking about the treat of something that would never happen.
But really Stephen Colbert is more then most talk show hosts. Conan is conan and Dave is Dave. But Stephen Colbert plays a character and has fun with it. Nobody's having as much as this guy on late nite tv. He even made John Stewart look less good in comparsion.

4.) This is an awesome show. You've got an awesome metal band that is also funny. A good show with coo music. With Bredan Smalls and the voice of Mark Hamil and Malcolm Mcdowell. This shows cast is one of the best in animation right now. Also I actually care about the continuing story.
The best part for me is how metal this show is. I really enjoy a million references too all the metal bands plus tons of gore which is pretty fucking sweet seeing all the gore they pack into a single episode.

3.) This show has been around for a long time but it's still just as good as it ever was. Well maybe not but it's good enough for me to write about here. Sure you get it that oh no Bobby might be gay thing. But I have rarely seen a King of the Hill miss and espically in the current season. Even off episodes are still on point with character. This show knows it's characters really really well. At this point in the simpsons run i wouldn't have called it as good as this show currently is.

2.) If your woundering when i ever talked about this show it was in March soon after it premeired I really like this show and the whole con of keeping a big rich couples house and stealing there life. Everybody does a good job and with Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard as the parents how can you really go wrong. This shows how far you can get just talking your way out things some times. Really under rated and under watched.

1.) What a funny show this turned out to be. With supernatural storylines and a ton of great jokes and great acting this show is probably my favorite new show. The whole idea may sound a little weak but they pull it off. and by the end i knew how all the characters acted with all there querks. Not many shows pull that off in the first season. espically when it's only 15 minutes.
Any show with John H. Benjamen doing an awesome job will be a great show. Also the best part is not many shows can do whatever they want get away with it and make me want to see them do that every week and this is that show.


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