Friday, March 28, 2008

considering seeing stop loss

ok so on paper i would see this movie because of it's director Kimberly Peirce who also directed boys don't cry. which was really good. I remember when i saw it in 99 and thought after wow i can't wait to see that directors next movie. well today that day has finally come.
But the trailers look totally lame and i feel like i'm gonna be disappointed with it. I really do but i wanna give her the benfit of the doubt. I don't know it has been a while. But she did do a good movie. but again that was almost a decade ago.
So what to think. I probably will see it. All though i have turned down 2 test screenings of this. I don't know i probably will.

if your wondering what she was doing all that time. this is what the intronerd told me.

an episode of the L word

"Spent years developing "Silent Star," which would have been about one of early Hollywood's infamous scandals, the murder of silent film director and actor William Desmond Taylor. By the end of 2003, Peirce had the film cast with Annette Bening, Hugh Jackman and Ben Kingsley, only to balk when the studio asked her to make a $30-million movie for $20 million." [this is from imdb]

Considered directing Memoirs of a Geisha

i heard about some sci-fi movie but can't find anything about it now


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