Thursday, March 20, 2008

near dark and dragon wars

so i didn't know what to expect from this going in but man what a coo movie. I actually wrote off this director. who also directed strange days and was once James Camerons wife. But this film is awesome and not just in a weird cult funny way in a this is a good unique film way.
This is a vampire movie but it's like no vampire movie i've ever seen. supposdely they wanted to make a western but no one would give them the money so they made it into a vampire movie. the result is a strange cross between.
Lance Henriksen is awesome in this so is bill paxton. dam everyone is i don't know sometimes some movies are just right you know and this certainly is.
ok i'll put it this way. i never like ever ever keep a movie from netflicks after i watch it. i usually return it right away i still have this one and i may watch it a couple of times. so yeah it's awesome. i don't iknow how easy it is to get but netflicks has it.

by far the stupidest film i have seen in some time. All though i knew it was gonna be like that going in. Dragon wars though is kinda dumber then you'd expect. The plot i don't know if it makes sense or anything. but i just wanted to see a dragon war and it certianly was. probably could have had more dragon's waring but other then that it was what it was supposed to be. So can i get mad at dragon wars for that. no so you know.
the casting was kinda odd with the main guy from roswell and robert forester in this.
I did hear that htis was made by a i believe korean film crew and director wanting to make an american movie. well they did a better job then transformers.
hey if you 13 or kinda fucked and a boy or just like dragons being involved with a war then you'll wanna see this movie.


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