Friday, March 07, 2008

Paprika and 12 oz. mouse dvd

You know i heard some not so great things about this but i thought it was great at what it was. This film works for what it has to do. I don't think it did anything other then that but it does what it's supposed to do. It's very good at it and the plot and construction of the script were good.
The film has alot to do with dreams and the meanings behind them so obviously it gets surreal at times. But they work that in with the plot very organically.
I don't know i just liked it. I would reccomend it if you just wanna see a good anime or you like sci-fi action type of stuff. Espically if you like Ghost in the shell and stuff like that.

yesterday I got the 12 oz. mouse dvd. I had just orded on tuesday and it came out Monday. Price wise it's $12 but with shipping it can be up to $18. which is still a deal. considering it won't be in stores and it is a 2 disc.
If you havn't heard of this show don't worry about it. it was on 12:45 on adult swim a while ago. I called it the best tv show of 2006. Nothing out in a while has this much david lynchian plots then even twin peaks. this is a weird show to dwarf other weird shows.
On this dvd they cut all the episodes together as a movie which apprently is almost 3 hours long. I have only gotten through 1 hour and 40 min. But i think it will be coo. Tons of bonus stuff when i watch everything i'll review it and stuff.

wanna check out mouse go here to see 12 oz. mouse


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