Monday, March 03, 2008

nockFORCE Quickie #30: A Ride With a Stranger

Little Billy is having some trouble in the woods. This is also the 30th quickie.
Also this is a playlist. I usually make a special playlist for when i post the nockforce cartoon as a bullentin from my own myspace account. This one has to do with kids. I think i'll start sharing the playlists here as well as myspace.

more strange fun at

Sunday RECAP

King of the Hill
Aqua Teen
garth merenghi
Free Radio (even though it's on friday it's good check it out)

I also saw

yeah I've had it from netflicks since October. I guess March is a good a time as any to finally watch it. This now means I have seen all of the newer AFI top 100 list. But I still need to see the jazz singer to have seen all of the older list.
I have to say I found this movie to be alot better then birth of a nation. Certainly it's alot better made. Even though birth of a nation is often called racist it's intresting to not that his next film would be all about intolerance.
It cuts between various different eras of history making it able to keep your attention. I think that helps the film cause as soon as one gets boring we move to another one.
If you had to see one griffth film this is probably a better one to see but i still think it's good to see birth of a nation cause it is the first film.
This actually made me wanna watch more silent films. I think i may watch the last laugh soon but before that I gotta watch the Jazz singer.


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