Tuesday, February 26, 2008


When i went back to maryland at the end of december i walked into the local blockbuster and saw that every single copy of this film was out. and there was alot of them.
I was kinda suprised that this film would be able to play so well and even in maryland considering it was an art house flick that mostly was ignored in theaters.
All though the success of it is great and I love that a ton of people will see a movie shot on mini dv. And it got an oscar.
I kinda just thought this was ok. Frankly like I don't like this kinda music. Like I get it everything is important when you sing like that and stuff. Frankly i could have used something fun in there. just to mopey. I know white people love mopey music and so do i but hey at least beck was fun too.
The story was ok too. I think it was cute the kinda thing people will like. I don't know for all the acclaim this movie got I really wasn't digging it. I wouldn't put it on a year end list. I wouldn't even say that song fallin is good. I mean maybe if it was the alicia keys one. wait actually that would be alot better.
This movie isn't strong enough for you to like it without liking the music. If you like the music then you'll love probably. But I didn't so it was only ok for me.


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