Friday, February 15, 2008

When the wind blows

hey guess what the best of the year list is coming out monday. more on that monday

Most of the time I don't really like to write about films you can't see. But I really like this film and hopefully if you ever see it somewhere you'll get it.
The premise of the film is about an elderly english couple who build a bomb shelter and staty in it when a nuclear bomb is dropped on england. This is not a future scenaro more of a what if. But without the watcher.
Much like the film grave of the fireflies another animated film dealing with war. This film doesn't do it as a big spectical showing the entire conflict. We just see it from the persepective of the elderly couple.
Following them is both wounderful and hear breaking. Honestly i had a hard time watching it sometimes and thinking about it now is even hard for me. This is a very effective film and like every film about nuclear war it kinda makes you wounder why we even do this to our selves.
The acting in this film is really great and they did a great job of casting voice actors. I think alot of times people like to think actors arn't as important to a film. espically in animation but really this film shows how important this is.
Also it has a soundtrack with Bowie and Rodger Waters.
If you ever see this film anywere just buy it or rent it or whatever. It's a real treat and a gem of a film.


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