Thursday, February 14, 2008


hey remember Spike Jonze he directed Being John Malkovic and Adaptation and is currently working on where the wild things are. Well before all that he was a music video director and difently one of the best music video directors of all time. Unforently he doesn't do very much video stuff now but I guess Kanye's good enough to come back for it.
I got to see the mtv premiere after which the vj called it strange. whatever when they fire that dumb vj this video will still get watched on you tube and she'll be looking for a new dayjob. Also this video has a total of 1 cut. Yeah I'm serious it's awesome and makes you wish more rap videos were this creative frankly it's awesome.

Since it's Valentine's Day I wanna put this up. I've known about Matt Berry for over a year now from just searching on you tube. He went to Towson U and lives in Baltimore, Md. Were I'm from. Alot of people like to say I don't rep Baltimore enough. Well I found this guy myself and have even spoken to him a couple of times. He has a filmography longer then you can imagine and he's been making stuff since 93. yeah 93. Anyway I like this guy and he put this up recently and i thought good v-day video.


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