Tuesday, March 04, 2008

fan service

both of the films that i'm talking about are basically films that the fans of this stuff will like but probably no one other then that. there both good but i can imagine your intrest is low if you havn't heard of either.

Using the recordings for research for a nirvana book with Kurt Cobain. This film cuts up parts of them with imagery. All though it doesn't use nirvana music and the visuals are a bit much sometimes. I think if you like nirvanan this is something you'll wanna see. I don't think it's a bad documentary. for what it is they did a good job but it doesn;t grab as much as if they had used other talking heads.
Frnakly i do think it's a coo idea as maybe a bonus feature with one that used more people. That would probably be a better film. This isn't awful but it's not perfect either.

When making a comic straight to dvd animated film you know the people buying it are only fans. so you don't need to explain things as much. Seems like a good idea but then there's this thing called storytelling. This is close to good like it just needed some more set up to the characters.
the action is great and i think it's a fun watch espically if you a younger fan. I'm sure this is crazy then. I did like the flash and green latern parts. also they didn't seem to know history very well cause they have kennedy as president in 53. ooops try wikipedia sometime guys. If you like comics in general it'll be ok if you love dc. well you probably all ready own it then.


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