Friday, April 18, 2008

frank and ollie and more

obviously this film is very timely. I saw it yesterday by accident so i didn't review this now cause of ollies death. I mean i guess i saw it cause of that but yeah anyway.
So frank thomas and ollie johnson were really good friends. how good. they lived in houses next door to each other.
I think this film is really great if you like animation because there are two few films about animators. All though there to cover. Documentary works even better. i mean think of all the documentaries you could make.
Regardless this goes alot into the history of alot of the great disney films that they worked on together. if you love those movies and wanna see more about the productions side and the life long friendship of two animatiors then see this movie it's a good pick.

Ok so i know that baltimore people are gonna not like that i picked this news story to put up but in New York we never get news like this. but if you don't like it but it in the baltimore is so hard category or something. i do like all the kids footage they used through out the piece looked coo. Also who the fuck gets stabbed with scissors.


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