Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mentor show and stuff

Most likely i should have posted this yesterday but hell the shows still up and it was to crowded anyway. check it out there my gf's photos. Which are both right in that photo. I think over all the show was coo. I liked hers the most. There both taken in england. There part of a bigger series at her website

so Madonna has this new song with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. And yeah it sucks. for the Justin and Timbaland side this probably could have been a justin b-side from Japan that only a couple of fans would like. For madonna this is her lead single.
I think theres a certain time when you have to be like ok i have to stop now. I feel like shes so far past that. we now have this ridcolous song and video. if she left after vogue that would have worked real well. I mean she did have like one good song on the last album but really this is not good.
Actually who buys her albums anyway anymore.
oh yeah and this song is called 4 minutes and it goes over by a few seconds and that wasn't coo.


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