Thursday, April 03, 2008

A movie i found and put up

So I was going through my collection of dv tapes and i found this film that i really thought i would never find again. It was an assignment for my friend jons class. He had to make a video or something. I just improved for like an hour and he cut it up and showed it and it went over really well. So well i wanted to make it into a cletus episode. Which frankly wasn't that great. Espically compared to the orignal video. Most of my friends who had seen the original didn't like the cletus episode. but you can be the judge on that. Cause the cletus episode is right after this one cause of course i made a playlist.
I think this was actually supposed to be on the internet in 2004 because i do remember getting a tape for that reason but i guess i never did it then. but hey i'm only 4 years late.

also this is the 667th post. meaning last one was well you know. just thought i'd mention.


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