Wednesday, November 26, 2008

late for thanksgiving

So I have a new nockforce thanksgiving special coming out tonite post midnite. That would make it my third thanksgiving special. All though I don't really like the holiday i do like thanksgiving specials. My personal favorite is the peanutes one were they explain the mayflower. awesome. I also really wish i had boomerang so i could see this
But yeah I don't much like thanksgiving. I do however love christmas but I've never done that. mostly cause i don't really wanna be posting videos on christmas.

However funny story this new thanksgiving special will be the first one I do that will actually go up on thanksgiving. the others were late. yeah seriously. so Below are the videos for both cletus and nockforce. and the reasons they were late.

This one was really supposed to go up before thanksgiving. However I didn't have enough time to do it. Well I could have. and if it was now i would have finished it. but i did have a ride early the next morning. and well there is no excuse this should have gone up for thanksgiving. but since it didn't thats why there's that intro. makes sense now huh.
However since i knew i couldn't finish the cartoon in time so I made the commentary episode instead cause it was really easy to do. so that's the story behind the 2 episodes.

This one wasn't too late we put it up like the sunday after to keep up the sunday nockforce thing we have going on. It really came together fast. we had the thing recorded then we realised we couldn't do it so we filmed my turtle trevor eating.


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