Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Extract (video review) and Hitlers children

I actually put this out on Saturday but I didn't post it on here yet. it's funny i put out like 3 videos this weekend and then put them up here in reverse order. Just realised that last nite. werid how that worked out.

So i really didn't know what to expect from this one going in. I kinda thought it could be good. It defently was. This was an intresting film. I really liked alot of the imagery. In fact to be honest that's what stays with me the most. Alot of it really really haunting. I think at the time this probably made the all ready horrifying nazi's look even worse.
You could say that since this film was made during the war. That this isn't accurate and really you could just say well they didn't really know. not to burst everyone bubble. trust me i know the holocaust happened but this film isn't about that. it's more about a nazi solider and the women he loved who doesn't agree with his nazi beliefs.
The performances are good but Tim holt is the real show stopper. Sometime he acts almost like a robot. But under neath that you can tell he's like the fuck am i gonna do.
Intresting to think this was a huge hit in it's day. outgrossing the original king kong in it's day. Now we don't even hear of it. If you can find this one it's an intresting film and worth your time. if you can check it out.


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