Friday, August 21, 2009

the man who turned to Stone video and Chilren's hour

yeah i knew i wrote a blog entry about this one a while back. But i figured why not do a video review of it.

i wish someone would make a bigger image of this poster. i think it's coo

The children's hour is a hard movie to get through mostly because if you made this today. Alot of the film would be different. now this is dumb. now I like William Wyler. His previous film was Ben Hur so I'm guessing the studio was gonna let him do whatever he wanted. so it's like Peter Jacksons King Kong in some parts.
But also it's about two women who run a school and are excused of being lesbians. But since nobody really wanted to rock the boat. This movie is well pussy. no for real. It doesn't have the balls to really commit and go in to it. so yeah this is hard to get through. and it might be more dated then you might think.
I think everyone involved trys really hard to make this as decent as they can. Most of the acting is allright the little girl who spreads the rumor steals the whole movie. Hepburn and Mclaine are all right but nobody can really make this film something that is even intresting all these years later.
If you were writing a paper on gay/lesbian topics in cinema this would be a great watch. As an actual movie well it's hard to get through and is way too long. This almost like some kind in high school made a project about something he had no clue about and pretended like it totally mattered. but you can tell he cares less. That's this movie. This could be remade and made into something good. but right now it's just a dated boring movie.


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