Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Deadly Affair and Hips Hips Hooray

This is a pretty good movie. Unforently for this movie there is a better version. Which is the BBC mini series Tinker, Tailor, Solider, spy starring Alec Guiness. So watching this after that. Well ok this movie isn't really as good after seeing that. But unlike the lion the witch and the wardrobe. This movie can stand on it's own even with a better bbc mini series version.
James Mason is great. I think I just like that guys voice he has a great voice. He's also a great actor. Watching him in a spy movie he seems to really know what he's doing.
The score by Quincy Jones also really great. but for my taste there really wasn't enough of it. When it came on it was awesome. but that only happened a few times.
This was directed by Sindey Lumet. Who I still like not sure if i think he is as great as people say. Sure i love the pawnbroker. but the past couple films I've seen from him. Havn't lived up to the hype. However I am seeing kinda odd choices from his filmography so maybe that's it.
I think this is still a good well made movie. and if you like James Mason and this era. you'll really like this movie. However I seriously have to say that Tinker tailor is way better. And I would say rent the mini series on netflix. or you could just get both.

This is a great and fun pre code musical. also it's only a little over an hour. maybe like 70 minutes and change. so it moves kinda quick. Also if you never have time to see anything this is a great film to pick instead of like CSI or something.
visually this film really works well. having lots and lots of visual jokes. that work really well. Almost like what the simpsons would do now. This also reminded me of Steve Martin and stuff. certainly i understand that Steve Martin came before. but I think the comedy in this film really holds up well.
The two male leads Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are alot of fun to watch. There almost like cartoon characters. there slapstick is amazing. I feel like i can imagine them in vaudville. They can really play goofy very well.
alot of this is a little racey for the time period. but the code came and fucked it all up. it was probably fun when there was no ratings. thanx everybody for that one jerks.
Alot of what is considered a musical for the time period is usually bubsly berkley. this is not that. this is more of a realy tradinional musical.with you know songs and shit.
I really liked this if you can find a way to see it i defently and highly reccomend this movie.


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