Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12 to the moon and Cronicas

Hey do you like vintage astronaut stuff. I feel like i see alot of people that do but don't have that many good movies to watch with coo vintage astronaut stuff in them. Well then seek out 12 to the moon. It's a coo movie about a 12 people from around the world and there trip to the moon. of course they run in to aliens and all that. but they do a pretty good job with it. I mean sure this movie isn't perfect but it's still pretty coo.
The special effects well it was the 50's this was before Star Wars and 2001. so what you have here is not the kind of sci-fi movie we're used to now. Not just special effects wise. Sure they do a really good job with what they've got but it's sometimes silly. they acting for a few people was wooden. but mostly wooden for only a couple of scenes. which is kinda weird but whateva. They even used lawn chairs to sit in while they take off which is also kinda silly.
But the surface of the moon in this is awesome. I really like the way that they made it look like this crazy fantasy world. At the time they really didn't know what the surface of the moon looked like. It's fun to live in that fantasy world again. where the moon was still this foreign thing. i guess it still is but then they seriously had no clue at all.
I was also really into how much this movie still works today. I wonder how much of this techinque used in this made it into the star trek series. they even have a ship humm going through out. something star trek has always made use of.
I really liked this movie and if your into vintage kind of sci-fi stuff i seriously suggest this. i think this is a good b-movie. not so good it's funny. like you know it's bad but you'll like it anyway. or at least i hope. check it out it's pretty coo.

also they did do this on mst3k but i like it anyway. also i never saw that episode.

This is a really great film. From the first shot. oo man the first sequence is insane. not just how they made it. or that they pulled it off. Cause that certainly is pretty fucking amazing but the way it sets up both the characters and the film is just man. I really gotta say the first part of this film is really really good.
The film is all about the media. And in a way i don't think you'd see that much. it both sympathyies with it and critises it. Not many films can pull that off. I always feel it's easier to pull off one side or the other but this is really two sides of the same coin in this film.
They're trying to find a child killer who rapes and kills children and your never sure who it is. this one guy is being interviewed by John Leguizamo telling him he met the killer a few days ago and he told him stuff about the murders. Some of which turns out to be turn. but this guy is all ready in jail and may just be making shit up.
This movie was really well made and i can't wait to see more from Sebastián Cordero who both wrote and directed this film. He certainly did a fucking awesome job. Why don't i hear more about this movie. I don't know we should you know but oo well.
If you see this in your video store and i think most blockbusters have it. you should get this. it's a really great movie. it has alot of power and it's fucking really well done. i don't know if i described this well but if you like all the presidents men and stuff about the media like the 5th season of the wire. then you'll really like this movie. if you get the chance check it out.


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